Monday, December 5, 2016

Thank you to all the vets!

It's raining outside my tipi now. Sounds more like ice pellets than rain. By the time this posts. It will be too late to leave if I wanted to.
Despite the threats to evict by governor DAPLwanker the camp has grown to a phenomenal number of people. It's hard to tell how many with the steady stream of cars I saw on the road tonight. One estimate was 12,000 again.
I'm not sure if anyone thought it would come to this but all of the camps are near full and more coming every day.
 I had the privilege of going with a group of fellow veterans to the bridge where on Sunday November 20, Morton co sheriffs and a band of militia decided that a group of protesters who were all unarmed posed such a threat that it justified the use of weapons of war and water cannons on citizens executing their rights to demonstrate under the first amendment. In a recent interview a spokesman for the governor and the DAPL Gang said he would use the same tactic as before saying "it was effective"
When asked the vets responses were pretty clear. "I'm in support of Standing Rock and Mni Wiconi."
It wasn't an action designed to show force but the veterans on the front standing tall was inspiring to see. Some came just because the general who organized the mission asked them. Some because of the civil rights violations that all of us as gets swore defend are being trampled!

Something has to be done to stop this continued breach of treaty. Something has to be done about the wanton discrimination against Native Americans!
Write,call, email, or tweet your elected officials and demand that this administration as well as the one coming in put a stop stop this atrocity called #NODAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline)

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