Friday, December 9, 2016

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

It is official that that USACE (us army corps of engineers) denied the DAPL permit to drill under the Missouri River.While that sounds great on the surface there is a wolf in sheep's clothing hiding within.
All this does is open new legal doors to allow public comments and stricter adherence to cultural surveys.
One of the biggest complaints by the Standing Rock Sioux had been the desecration of ancestral burials.
This region is rich in history. Many tribes gathered here as well as migrant people of other nations. To say any part of this land is devoid of cultural significance without a full survey is not acceptable.

The lack of adherence to sovereign rights is bad enough but the total disrespect for both the living and the dead at Standing Rock has been deplorable. The graves of the ancestors are trampled with militarized vehicles and police  bearing weapons that ranged from deadly semi automatic rifles to shotguns, gas, pepper spray, and explosive devices.
The living who are standing up to defend those ancestors as well as those whose lives depends on the river are assaulted by the above mentioned weapons.

Someone needs to be held accountable for the lawlessness on behalf of the police militia I call the DAPL Gang!
Going forward I see the the environmental powerhouse organizations like Waterkeeper Alliance taking the permit and it's flaws to task in federal court.
The war against DAPL isn't over but we won this battle. There's so much left to do before we can actually say we've killed the "Black Snake ". This snake has many heads reaching all across America. In Louisiana, Georgia, South California, Arizona, Texas and others crisscrossing the nation.
It's time to truly evaluate priorities. Is big oil or renewable energy the better investment in our future as Full Blood Humans?!


  1. Enjoying your reflections. John

  2. Thanks for Your dedication and continued work. I'm hoping it doesn't take a death to get the Army Corps to take the next legal step.

    I'm grateful today that Myron, prolific and drone weren't killed last night.